Online study won't begin AND won't import Excel files

URL of experiment:
(also this one here:

My first experiment runs perfectly in my Builder but it won’t load up online at all (the second link). So I started recreating the experiment routine by routine to test it out online (the first URL link) and everything online worked fine until I got to my first loop: the online testing closes out as soon as the loop begins (as soon as the .xlsx file should be importing information). So one experiment won’t load up at all and the other experiment won’t load up my text information from my Excel file.

The only error that comes up is a “syntax error” on a black code screen. The experiment says that it syncs successfully and all my files seem to be loaded correctly in the repository. I am not sure where the issue is coming up?

Hi @thisislouis, I have had a look and the problem appears to be the use of parenthesis in your text components. Python evaluates these as a tuple and so you get an error because your tuple syntax would be invalid. So, to use parenthesis in the text component, you use backslash to escape their use:
"\(Press space to continue\)". This should now create your JS files and allow you to upload them.

Hi @dvbridges I appreciate the help! Your advice did help in the sense that my project now will initially load online! However, a new error window occurs during my first loop:

Unfortunately we encountered an error:

TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘undefined’ of object ‘#’
Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

I will try to continue to troubleshoot and see if I can notice any issues with labels or files. Thank you in advance!

Hi @dvbridges. One of the errors that came up in the black code screen when I would open the experiment WordJumbler mentioned a duplicate naming error with “Condition” and “Sentence” so I went ahead and changed the names in one of my .xlsx files and the error disappeared.

Unfortunately I still am having issue with the prior mentioned online TypeError message. Thank you for any help you can provide!