Need your help about the issue "initialising the experiment" screen

Description of the problem:
I hope everyone is fine. I am sorry but I do not have so much knowledge about online experiments and coding.

There is no problem with sync my psychopy experiment to pavlovia and offline experiment, but when I tried it to run it online, it seems to be stuck on the initialising stage on Pavlovia.

I have checked other forums, but I couldn’t fix it. There is no problem with naming or the situation of public.

Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Please can you share the URL to your experiment so that we can take a look? From your experiment page go > View code <> > settings (tab on left, cog image at bottom) > permissions > set to public > then share the URL of that page with us

In general, stuck on initializing means there is a JS syntax error somewhere and the usual approach we take to deal with this is.

  1. open developer tools as described in crib sheet.PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet
  2. click the red error message that has the name of your file (with the .js extension).
  3. that will show you the line of code where you are having the error - go back to your BUILDER to fix it or share that error on the discourse page.


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Thank you, Becca. I will try to find out the syntax error.

I have applied the changes. This is the link:


the error is in line 158 - 159 of experiment1.js: text: /* */ , You initialise an empty string blank1 which causes the problem. Initialise the string with, for instance, the text dummy

See here for some suggestions.

CU jens


Yes this means that you have a text component with a blank text field. The field currently needs a placefiller (e.g. a space)

Thank you, Becca. Now it started to have an error called “frameDur is not defined an error.”. I don’t know what to do.

If possible, upgrade to the current version 2020.2.6.

with kind regards Jens