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Online run through url stuck on initialising - failed to load 404

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I created an experiment, it’s running fine both from the “Pilot” and “Run” buttons on Pavlovia and from “Run the study online” via the builder, but the URL doesn’t seem to work, it’s stuck on initialising. I get the following error message:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Could that be due to an error in my custom code, even though it works otherwise? Or could it be a temporary bug of the server? Something wrong with my project?
Here’s the project page :

Thanks a lot for your help,

Hi @lcrible, the experiment is not working because there is no html folder in your URL. For example, works. I am not sure why that has happened, since when I run your task, Builder generates the URL correctly. For now, if you are not actually collecting data, try deleting the project locally, and remotely, and recreate a new project.

To delete locally, delete the .git folder in your project directory
To delete remotely, click “View code” from Pavlovia task dashboard, then on Gitlab, go to settings > Advanced > remove project.

Hi @dvbridges thanks for your quick reply!
So if I just add /html/ at the end of the URL that I write into Prolific, it should run then? It seems okay on the preview. I’ve had issues with deleting projects before so I’d like to try this first.

Sure, if you only need the URL for Prolific, then the link above (with “html” included) will be fine.