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Off-topic, programmer request

We (the editors at Perspectives on Psychological Science) are starting a new Registered Replication Report, for a psychophysics-type study.
We have some limited funds to pay an experienced PsychoPy coder to program it, and so I am wondering whether any of you are interested or know someone who is very good and might be interested. This might be a good gig for an advanced graduate student, or a postdoc.
I am not sure of the etiquette of this group, so I apologise if this post bothers anyone; I won’t be offended if you decide to simply delete this message. To find someone, I really preferred to first approach you, my colleagues in the Psychopy community rather than post a message on a generic coding freelance worker site. We’d like someone with psychophysics or at least experimental psychology experience.

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Hi Alex, seems like the perfect place to come to for a request like this. Sounds like something perfectly suited to @jeremygray

Yes, Alex, you should find plenty of skillful people here! @jeremygray and @jon for sure. You’re also welcome to contact me. I do have a small side business programming for psychopy experiments here and there. And of course a lot of experience from research. It depends on the magnitude of the project and the price (or co-authorships), but if you send a paper or spec, I/we/they can probably say whether I’m/we’re/they’re in :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, I’m very happy to see postings like this. I’ll private message you about prices (mine are a bit steep to keep demand low!) and I’d encourage others to do the same. Then you can see if you want to take anyone up on their offer.

More generally

We had a discussion about formalizing consultancy work a long time ago (specifically whether we should have an email/page for it). I think the new forum creates a better place for this; we could have a category for Jobs & Consultancy where people can post:

  • Job adverts (e.g. postdoc) where PsychoPy programming is one of the desired skills

  • Consultancy requests by people with some spare funding that want to buy some expertise

    • You/user posts a job that needs doing
    • Potential consultants (who can choose to ‘watch’ the jobs category) reply with a private message to that job with a suggested price
    • PsychoPy team does not directly endorse any individual, but individuals can indicate their expertise by showing off their stats helping on the forum or contributions to the psychopy code (ie github repository)
  • Workshop/training requests(?)

The prices people charge will hopefully create an appropriate marketplace where people with little time (and/or lots of experience) will charge a more and people that are more keen to do the work will probably charge less. As I say, my own prices are intended to look steep; my lack of time means I need a lot of “encouragement” to do consultancy work! :wink:

Does that sound like a plan?

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Sounds great, @jon. Would that be a new category?

Yes, so that people could watch that (or anything but that) if they choose

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It’s done:

Alex, maybe you’d like to repost to there and then we’ll call this topic closed?

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