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Payment for programming in psychopy

Hi there, I’m trying to program a memory experiment on psychopy where people are given an array of numbers but the length of the array is unpredictable (might 6 or 10 numbers) and then they need to recall the last 4 digits in the exact same order. In one of the conditions I’d like them to receive feedback with how many correct and incorrect answers they had (immediately after the trial) and in another condition people need to write how many correct and incorrect responses they think they had. I’ve been struggling with this for quite a while and if anybody thinks they can do that in psychopy (I can give an outline of the experiment or just send what I’ve done so far for more clearance of what I need) I’m willing to pay for the service (payment negotiable). It’ll be of a great help as I’m really desperate.
Thanks in advance

Hi Eleonora,

I went over your post and would be able to help you out.
You can reach me on

Best Wishes

Hello Eleonora,

just trying to see how effective this forum is at connecting people with programmers. Did you find someone who could help you satisfactorily?