Willing to pay someone to design experiment

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to design an experiment in PsychoPy for a university project and after months of trying to figure it out with a friend and then back and forth with some experts on the software at my university it simply isn’t working and they’ve recommended I build it again from scratch. The problem comes from syncing it with Pavlovia but at this stage I’m not interested in advice, I’ve sunk far too many hours into what should be a very simple experiment and the deadline is fast approaching. I am willing to just pay someone to build it and send me the complete folder. The sound files and images are all ready, as is an Excel spreadsheet and everything external to the program.

If you contact me I can give specific instructions, I already have a complete experiment I just need someone to copy it from scratch in a format that hopefully won’t break when I try and sync it to Pavlovia.

You can name your price once I’ve outlined in more detail what is required, it shouldn’t be a particularly long job.

Thank you


Is it currently written in Builder?
Does it run as you want it offline?

You can commission our science team via consultancy@opensciencetools.org

It is written in the builder and runs perfectly offline. Literally all I need someone to do is copy it exactly as it is in a new folder without corrupting it because for some reason when I try to do that it fails.

I can help you. You can contact me at my eamil address:Yonglongwen@outlook.com.
If you are a Chinese, you can tell me a contact information

Sorry to hear you are having trouble - as Wake highlights, you can indeed contact our team to work on it directly through consultancy@opensciencetools.org