Not able to run my experiment on Pavlovia (Image stimuli issue)

URL of experiment: Sreya Sukhavasi / Slide_Navigation · GitLab (

Description of the problem: I tried to create an experiment, where the participants can move forward or backward in the slides. All my slides are present in a folder and the path I gave contains forward slash only and the image format is correct. Could some one help me out? Please find the attached error screenshot.


I’m not 100% sure but maybe try changing the image information into:

$'Presentation/Slide' + slideN + '.jpg' 

if that does not work try just deleting the “$” sign.

Hi There,

You might find the tips relating to point 9 in this page helpful.


Thank you for your ideas, but I couldn’t run the experiment in PsychoPy itself when I removed str(slideN) or removed $ from my image.

Hey Becca, thank you so much for your suggestion! It worked, I gave my file names in the additional resources (Settings → Online → added image file path). So that all my files are downloading at the beginning itself.

PS: Your videos on PsychoPy are really helpful! We all appreciate your effort :slight_smile:

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so pleased to hear that it worked and that you find our videos helpful!!