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Can not see the images in the online experiment without any error

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Hey there!

The experiment I’m trying to desing is a picture matching task including 2 visual and 1 auditory stimuli in each trial. I could conduct the experiment in Psychopy (version 2020.1.3) on Windows 10 successfully, but my pictures do not display during the experimet. I rechecked all of my stimulus data, their typings, / to \ situation and so on. Interestingly I do not get any error message at the start of the experiment and the sound data (.wav) is working well. I also checked the result data, but nothing seems wrong.

I’m quite new to desinging pscholinguistic experiments and all of the code things, so It would be great if you can help me


Try removing the “images/” part of the file path from the entries in the conditions file and just putting the filename. Looking at the repository you may have tried this already, but I’m not sure.

@jon @apitiot there’s definitely something weird about path references in pavlovia right now.

I’m not sure what could be wrong with the path aspect. I did my usual posner demo again a few days ago (which does use an images/ folder as above) and there was no problem

Ok, no, I’m pretty sure the issue is not the images paths not being found - it’s that the variable image locations [-0.5, 0] aren’t understood. I think JS is parsing those as a string "[-0.5, 0]" rather than a pair of numeric values. This is something we added to PsychoPy python lib but I guess it isn’t there yet in PsychoJS. Change your image variables to use acc_x instead and then do:
$[acc_x, 0] in your parameter
This is the strategy I cover in the latest youtube tutorial :slight_smile:

It worked!!

Thank you soo much for both the solution and the tutorial!