'None' trials in offline run

OS Win10
PsychoPy version 2022.2.3.

I am designing the classical Stroop task with a prime image preceding the Stroop words. This is what my routine looks like:

I created a conditions file for the trials, but on running the offline version, some trials seem to be missing from the block. Please see the data file:

I have encountered this issue for the first time in Psychopy. There is no error message and the experiment runs completely. Could anyone please explain and resolve this?

Hi @Surabhi_Lodha, do you have any custom code that could be relevant here? Is the loop set to random or to sequential? Is the number of trials that you go through exactly the number of trials you expect from your conditions file? Is the number of rows (number of trials including “None” trials) in your data file exactly the number of rows in your conditions file? Do you have empty cells in your conditions file?

Also, could you post a screenshot of your flow around this routine?