PsychoPy using trials that don't exist

I am new to PsychoPy and I am attempting to create an experiment where the number of trials varies over the course of a loop. Each loop calls a new spreadsheet which contains all of the trials that need to be run. During the first run, I have 8 trials, then 16, and 24. In the next loop, I have only 16 trials included in the spreadsheet but when I run the experiment, those 16 trials will be shown, then PsychoPy presents blank slides for the additional 8 trials. Why would PsychoPy attempt to run items that don’t exist in the spreadsheet?

I appreciate any help!

I suspect that your spreadsheet contains additional blank rows. Highlight the rows themselves rather than the cells in Excel and delete them.

One way to confirm this as the issue is to save your spreadsheet as a CSV file and then open it in a text editor.

That was my problem! Thank you so much for your assistance!