My stroop experiment abruptly ends after 133 trials, and doesn't show the ending routine as well. I cant figure out what's wrong

OS: Win11
PsychoPy version: 2023.2.3
Standard Standalone? yes
I was making a stroop test with 6 blocks of 32 trials. So, a total of 192 trials.
I made 6 csv files( 1 for each block) of the randomization of the color-word trials and made a condition file for the block loop with the file destination of all 6 blocks. however, the experiments runs up until only 133 trials and abruptly ends, doesn’t even show the end routine. i checked the csv file and the routines for any mistake but couldn’t not fogure out what’s wrong. How can I fix it?

Have a look in the runner for an error message.

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thanks! did that and saw a syntax error

That’s great! What was it?