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'None' keyword in JS instead of 'null'

My experiment has several text components that are initialized as blank and updated by frame. When I run it on Pavlovia, I get the error “ReferenceError: None is not defined” and on looking at the js code I see that the text components are being initialized with a None keyword:

DisplayResponseText = new visual.TextStim({
    win : psychoJS.window,
    name : 'DisplayResponseText',
    text : None,
    font : 'Arial',
    pos : [0, 0], height : 0.1,  wrapWidth : 1.5, ori: 0,
    color : new util.Color('white'),  opacity : 1,
    depth : -5.0 

(These are the only instances of None in the js code.) I manually replaced all instances of None with null and it cleared up (after I cleared the cache, that is—am I the only one who took forever to figure that out?) I don’t need help with it now, just reporting the bug.

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Hi Renee,

Thanks, that is very useful to both report the bug but most especially also to diagnose the cause. Would you mind reporting it at the Github repository page? Link below:

Bugs and fixes very easily get lost in the forum here: they are much more likely to get addressed if put in the systematic issue tracking system on Github.

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Actually looks like this has been addressed by @dvbridges here:

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