Unknown Error in Pavlovia

Hi everyone!
I am pretty new to psychopy. Therefore, I need your help.

The code below works fine on psychopy . However, it does not work on Pavlovia. Does anyone know the reason?

if slider1.getRating() is not None and slider1.status==STARTED and passingKey.status==STARTED and len(_passingKey_allKeys):

Hi There,

One reason for this could be because None is a python word and not JS syntax.

This page might also provide some useful tips on pinpointing issues and debugging :slight_smile: https://psychopy.org/online/fromBuilder.html


Hello Becca,

Thank you for answering my question.

Do you know what should I write instead of "none" then? I looked for it on the Intenret but I could not find any.


Pretty sure None is Null in JS - although I without seeing the full context of your exp/error message I can’t guarentee this will be your fix - maybe though! :smile:


Try undefined if Null doesn’t work.

I tried Null but it did not work on Psychopy. Thank you though :smiley:

I tried but undefined does not work on Psychopy.

Make sure to only make that change to your JS code (change codec type to both and only make the edit to the right hand side)