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Pavlovia - ReferenceError: None is not defined

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Description of the problem:
I have a task (using the latest version of Psychopy) that presents 1 number digits and 1 picture on each Routine. The picture has an overlaid rectangle polygon shape for valid mouse clicks. The digit and picture presented are drawn from a csv file uploaded to the loop. When running locally everything works fine. However, after syncing and running in Pavlovia, the experiment launches but immediately presents the error “ReferenceError: None is not defined.” I’m not sure what this error means - could this be to do with loop-related stimuli calling, or a misnamed component, or something else?

I am also having this same problem so I would love to know if/how you solved it!

Are you using a transparent polygon (fill colour $None)? That doesn’t work online


Ah!! Yes indeed, this is the problem. Great to know, thank you!!

You’re welcome. You may find a crib sheet I’ve been putting together useful.