Unable to run my experiment

I was making some finishing touches and running through my experiment on pavlovia (pilot testing). I was only changing some of the text in the experiment and adding a feedback slider near the end. I was able to run it fine, without issues just before, but when trying to run it this last time I got the error of " * ReferenceError: None is not defined". I looked at the JS coding on the webpage, as I had no idea what this could mean. Seeing these errors I wasn’t sure what to do.

I then tried making a different online experiment from the builder window, and when either syncing or just in the initial creation of it I would get this error,
“unable to clone project from GitLab repository: [Errno 2] No such file or directory pavlovia”.

I have no idea what to do and somewhat worried as I was planning on actually running it this week.

Is your experiment called sound or do you have a sound component that might be set to None? None means something offline but online JavaScript tends to use undefined instead.

I do have sound components, and the study is “sound pilot”. I had not changed any of my sound components at that time. I was only changing text and a slider near the end to capture feedback.

What seemed to work was disabling the slider I added towards the end? When I did that the experiment was fine. I have no idea what happened or why that was the fix.

Some components can fail with default values.
For example, I’ve found that light and dark themes need to be ticked in forms.

Are any of the slider parameters set to None?

What I think the problem was, is that I had my labels as non-numerical values (doing a 5-point likert scale, easy->hard) and while python/psychopy didn’t give me errors about it, it must have imported the labels as a “None” value? As my settings for that slider was the exact same as all my previous sliders in the experiment except for the tick values and the labels.