No Sound on Safari

Is anyone else having an issue where task sounds do not play on Safari?
I’ve seen conversations about random beeping sounds and the like, but not just no sound at all.

In my case, everything else runs perfectly, it’s only a sound issue.
We tried everything to get it to work (browser settings, system settings, turning on and off sound, etc.). The sound icon on the pavlovia tab didn’t even show up.
Interestingly opening youtube to play a video in a different tab played sound.

The sound works on the newest versions of Safari I’ve tested in on, both for desktop and on mobile devices. Unfortunately, I could not get version information from the participant.

Sorry - if this is something that you are struggling to replicate it is a bit tricky to suggest here! I have heard of safari having problems with sounds in general, but not presenting no sound. If possible perhaps recommend your participants avoid safari?

Sorry to not have more specific guidence!