Movies don't play on Pavlovia on changing browsers

URL of experiment: Bachelorarbeit_Nohea_FM [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
Hi everyone,
I’m running an online experiment with short videos (1s) with no sound. The file format is mp4. While piloting it turned out that the videos did not show while using Safari (two different MacBooks). The screen was just grey and the loop did not continue. Edge, Chrome, and Firefox seemed to be working, although one person all the sudden couldn’t see the videos with Chrome on Windows 10. I thought this was an exception and just ruled out Safari as a browser as most people have a different browser installed. Now I got feedback that it didn’t work with Firefox on a MacBook. I don’t know what the issue could be. Everyone was able to see the videos and run the experiment with a different browser.

I’m not using the newest PsychoPy because I had 2021 version (v2021.1.4) installed and ran a different online experiment successfully last year. If you need additional infos, just let me know.

Thanks a lot!

Do all of your participants see all of your stimuli? If not, then you could reduce the memory load by only loading the videos you need. With the latest version, there are details here:
(see the section Specify the files to download each trial)

Alternatively, you could try using the download resources code in my code components snippets page

I don’t think the fix from 2020.1 will work.

Thank you for your reply! Yes, all participants need to see all my stimuli. I’m wondering if this would help anyways. I will try this today!

There are so many resources because Pavlovia has issues with using the same resource more than once. If there was a workaround other than dublicating the videos and renaming them it would reduce the number of resources a lot (every videos one time instead of four). Would that make a difference? Then again it doesn’t matter if Pavlovia won’t work otherwise.

You can use the same resource more than once.

With repeating audios an option is to play a brief silent audio in between.

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Are you sure this works within a loop? The example you posted seems to be different as they are resetting seperate routines.