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No clear excel output


I’m new to PyschoPy and I’ve just made my very first experiment; a self-paced-reading test. Everything worked perfectly fine until I wanted to look at the data in Excel.
All data is kind of mixed up and there are no clear lists of reading times, etc. I really don’t know what causes this problem. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this? It looks like this:

I’m working on a MacBook Pro with OSSierra and I downloaded the latest version of PsychoPy, I hope that that is enough information! (I’m not really good with computers and programming and stuff).

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Hi, does Excel asks you which separator to use when you open the file? Alternatively you could import the output into excel (instead of directly open the file) and the program should ask you if you want to use commas as separators. At that point the commas in your output would be treated as cell separators, and then the file would look as intended.

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Sorry for my late reaction, but it’s already solved! :smile: