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Logfile (.csv) looks completely messed up!

OS: Windows 10
3.1.5 (Standalone Version)

Hey guys,

I have to create an Emotion Recognition Task and I chose Psychpy3 for coding this experiment. After I watched a tutorial on creating a memory task on youtube (link) I realized I have a problem. My output logfile (.csv) looks completly messed up.

This is what it actually should look like:

I was using the builder to create the experiment. I hope you can help me out!


The file seems OK. It just looks like you need to explicitly tell Excel to treat the comma as a separator between values when importing.

That sounds reasonable, do you know how to do this?

edit: I think I got it! When I want to load a CSV text into an open Excel file it ask me for the settings. There was a setting for comma and it worked pretty fine! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: