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New web app. VESPR Study Portal

Hi Wake,

Thanks for this - I noticed that if I set the “Reset participant” variable to “Yes” then select “Update experiment”, the “Reset participant” variable will automatically reset to “No” - is there a reason that might be expected to occur?


Reset participant is a one-off operation. The next participant will have participant number 1 and allocation to groups will restart. Previous participants will be moved to the archived column.

This is not something you want to happen every time you correct a typo.

Aha I see, that was my misunderstanding. I thought “Reset participant” corresponded to if you wanted the participant number to reset to it’s previous value if the participant fails to complete (so that participant doesn’t “count” in group assignment) - does that happen automatically?

No – reusing the participant numbers of lapsed participants would mean that the participant number would no longer be related to the order or participation and could cause duplicates if the original participant later finished.

Each participant is allocated three numbers

participant - consecutively allocated on launch. Can be reset.
session - incrementally allocated on launch. Unique across all experiments. Cannot be reset.
group - randomly allocated on launch based on the relative numbers of completed and active participants.

If a participant fails to complete then it is their group assignment that no longer counts. Licenced VESPR portal users should not be using the participant number for group assignment.

OK great - thanks for clarifying

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