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Is there a way to use a "referral system" for the online experiment

Since my experiment is going to be about 20 minutes per participant, and it’s a rather difficult cognitive task, I expect issues with high participant attrition. To try and counteract that, I decided to incentivize the participants by using a lottery system of giving out 10 cash prizes (200 of my local currency) to those that complete the entire study.

However, I also need participants to share the link to the study to as many people as possible, and this comes with a disincentive due to the fact that the more participants the study has, the less likely the participant is to win the prize. I believe this will make it less likely for people to share and recommend participation in the study to others.

To counteract that disincentive, I want to use some kind of a referral system, where I could offer a “referral link” to a participant after he completes the study, and if someone wins the prize, whoever referred him would also get a consolation prize (50 of the local currency).

My question is, does anyone have an idea as to how to set up a referral system? Is there an option for that using PsychoPy/Pavlovia? If not, can anyone suggest a workaround, or a different idea to counteract such disincentives?

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If you use my VESPR study portal you could generate an id variable during the experiment which you use to generate a custom URL. This might take a little coding on my part to nicely display the referral link to the participant during the debrief but I’d be happy to do that if you bought a licence. We might need a little discussion because the easiest option (referral session value becomes new participant value) would require the email address to be connected to the data and I currently have a way of running sweepstakes but keeping the participant number separate from the email address.