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New release: 1.85.2 now out

Versino 1.85.2 can now be downloaded here:

This is a bug-fix release and I’m not aware of any reason that it should damage your existing (1.85.x) experiments but test carefully if you are part-way through an experiment!

The full changelog, including the fixes applied is available from:

Hello Jon,

This release solved my sound problem.

However, it raised another problem in regards of the letter height when retrieving text from xlsx file. The only way to get the text presented is to change it to 0.1. Unfortunately, such size will fit my experiment as it is very small.

Can you provide me a recommendation on how it can be resolved.


Hi Jon,

I see that 1.85.x versions are not yet available on PyPi, when do you plan to update it?
If I do a manual install on Linux and use python virtual environment, how can I install the latest version in it?


I’ve uploaded that to PyPi now. Sorry about that.

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