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New release: 1.84.2

Hi there,

You can now download a new version

fixing some bugs that were introduced in the 1.84 series. Mostly these were caused by code refactoring leading to Builder-generated scripts having some errors. We hopefully won’t have to refactor that much code again anytime soon!

Details below

  • FIXED:

    • Problem with renaming of Routines preventing experiment from re-loading #1248
    • Several bugs with Builder code generation since PEP8 refactoring:
      • Static Components gave error compiling script
      • some Keyboard Components (with variable “allowed keys” settings) gave error compiling script #1245
      • Mouse Component with “Save state at end of trial” gave indentation error #1253
      • Loops gave error compiling script if conditions file was a formatted string #1253
    • Standalone distributions were not including the correct pylink and pyxid packages
  • ADDED:

    • Keyfinder demo to Builder view #1252
    • Support for key modifiers using event.getKeys() #1242