Test release uploaded

For those of you wanting to have a go with a pre-release you can now get standalone installers for 1.85.0 at https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy/releases

There are bound to be bugs there, especially around:

  • sounds
  • major refactoring
  • new sounddevice backend
  • new option in preferences to specify the device to use
  • online (PsychoJS) outputs

Hi All,

I’ve tried to create the most simple web experiment by just showing three consecutive text strings and recording a response. However when I try to export as HTML I get an error.

There seems to be a problem finding a file called “JS_infoPHP.tmpl”

Any suggestions?

I’ve attached a screen grab of the error.

Best wishes,


Thanks George. I know what will have caused that (a problem in building the installer that I’ll need to fix quickly), Will try to get a new test release out today with that issue fixed :slight_smile:

Hopefully that’s fixed in 1.85.0rc3 available now: