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New release: 1.84.0

###OK, so 1.84.0 is finally official released! :slight_smile:

Do give it a go but do be wary; new releases in a series are always a little temperamental. Certainly don’t update midway through a study.

Known issues:

On Mac the 0.8.0 release of pyo audio lib, which is being packaged in this version of PsychoPy, is not closing properly with the ‘coreaudio’ backend so you might want to switch that to use ‘portaudio’ instead for now

A few highlights:

  • you can now upload/sync/search projects with OpenScienceFramework
  • you can now rename a Routine (in the Experiment menu)
  • support for Mac Retina displays (and 64bit mac binaries now working pretty well we think!)
  • many updated dependencies in the Standalone apps
  • many bug fixes (including several memory errors)

NB: A lot of code “refactoring” occurred in this release so really do check that your experiment runs as expected and saves data correctly.