Psychopy won't boot on Windows

Hi there. We are having a problem getting PsychoPy to boot on a Windows 10 machine that has successfully run the program before. We’ve tried a fresh install of standalone 2023.2.1, and have gone through the process of locating and deleting any preferences/appData files that may have been left behind. When we try to launch (via shortcut, start menu, or cmd prompt) we get a splash screen, and no errors are thrown, but the program does not launch. Also looked for rogue .dll files in the System32 menu but nothing there. Hoping somebody might have something else we could try? Thanks!

When you launch, is the computer connected to the internet?

Hey - thanks for replying! I can confirm the pattern is the same whether connected to the network or not.

Okay. That confirms that it was not the same problem I had recently where it was trying to download something from github (related to useVersion) but it failed because the computer had no internet connection. Easy fix: connect. Do you have a different computer you can try? Also, you are launching using the PsychoPy shortcut, not your .psyexp file, right?

If you figure out what the problem is, please post back. I hope you figure it out.