New fatal error in pervisously working experiments


Two of my students had working experiments on pavlovia until this morning, when both stopped working and giving the following error.

  • TypeError: this._volumeNode.toDestination is not a function

Does anyone know what it means?


Hi @CullingJ, would it be possible to send me a link to your project so I can look at the code? Which version of PsychoPy are you targeting in the online build? Thanks, s.


Thanks for having a look.The two experiments are at


i have the exact same error at the moment…with all my experiments. Already posted a question about this, but relieved to see I am not the only one going through this. very stressful!

Yes @esijye is talking about this post: Error with playing of sound in online experiment

We should merge them as they are the same issue today.

yes, don’t know how to merge them though. But that would be best to keep things clear!

I made a new issue too, didn’t realise two of them already existed. To anyone who knows more about sound components in psychopy/pavlovia, please help rectify the problem.

Same. Any insights on how to resolve this problem would be much appreciated.

I have the same error. Have been collected data for a few weeks and then suddenly both experiments stopped working last a few hours ago.
Any help is much appreciated!

Dear @Janaki_Sheth, @rfreedsussman, @CullingJ, please consider my answer below, thank you, x

Hi @Janaki_Sheth, @rfreedsussman, @CullingJ, apologies for the mishap, a fix is now in place I believe, please post back if the problem remains, thanks, x

Many thanks for the prompt action. All seems back to normal, now.


Thank you so much! My experiment is working again.