Unspecified Javascript Error - Audio Files

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I created an experiment using PsychoPy’s latest version on Windows. The experiment involves giving instructions followed by some audio trials. A participant has to move through the instructions by clicking on the screen, to get the next slide. Next, in each trial, there is an audio file followed by a rating task. There are 20 conditions in the trial. It works perfectly on the local machine. However, when I export it online and pilot it, an unspecified javascript error occurs.
In the online version, the resources are being loaded at the start of the experiment. As soon as the experiment starts, this error comes.

I have no idea where the problem is coming from. I have not used $sound as a variable. I have tried to look at online resources but there isn’t much resolution.
I have also tried reloading the experiment from scratch but I’m getting the same error.
Could you help me figure out the problem?

What format are your sound files in?

What does your sound component look like?

My sound files are in .flac format.
My each trial first involves showing a text, followed by playing the sound file. Then there are two rating tasks on sliders.

I don’t think the trial loop is creating the problem since, in another version of this experiment, the trial loop works fine. I think the issue is in the click-to-move-to-next instructions I’ve created.

I’m not familiar with .flac format and there are no results on this forum for flac in the online section. Do you have reason to believe that they should work?

I had a created another version of the same experiment, with some slight differences. In that experiment, the trial loop was the same and used half of the stimuli files I’m using right now. I was able to make that experiment run on pavlovia.