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Need Help with Eyelink, Signal Reading, and Stimuli

I just started using PsychoPy about two or three weeks ago. I use its builder most of the time because I am not too familiar with the language of python but now I am trying to learn to use the coder for a project. The project I am trying to do should work in this manner: wait for a signal and once it is received, the eyelink eye tracker should start running and as well as the visual and auditory stimuli that i want to add using the builder. Right now, I am using this demo for the eye tracker. The signal that should be read is a TTL signal. Help would be really appreciated or if anyone has a website/free ebook that I could use to learn python to this level. Thank you very much.

This is too generic for us to be able to help. All we can do is say there are lots of documents on and a page of further resources at

Ok, I have taken a look at these resources and they are very helpful. One thing I need help with is the signal. Could you just explain to me how “KbWait;” works and how to use it? Again, thank you very much.
Edit: I have found the function: waitKeys; which works