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Are Eye tracking Resources Up to date?

Hi all,

I’ve written a task using coder for psychopy, and now I want to add eye tracking functionality to it. I am starting by working through the 2013 eye tracking conference material, but I want to make sure I’m not teaching myself something deprecated (as there have been many updates since 2013!). Is this still the best place to start? Did you find other resources more helpful? I would love advice as this is my first task using psychopy. I’m using a tobii eye tracker, and do most of my editing from command line if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any information!

Hi Haleyk,

I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer to your question. I stumbled on your post and was curious to know where that material might be found - it might be handy for me some time in the future.


bottom of this page has August 2013 information about eye tracking from a conference, and this page would be what could be updated? but I have yet to find information for the current version of psychopy that’s entirely useful.

In the Builder book we have a chapter on running an eye tracker, using ioHub code that worked with an SMI tracker at the time the book was completed (late 2017). Although the book focusses on Builder, the eye tracking section is necessarily code-heavy and so might provide a useful guide:

But in essence, I just worked through the same material you have access to create that chapter. So in principle it should work, but that will depend on your particular tracker and any compatibility issues that might arise.

The book is currently out of stock at Amazon but is available direct from the publisher:

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Thank you Michael! I’ll look into getting the book if I can’t make more progress with the conference information.

I’d like to add that until there are more users who start transiting from the old iohub setup to the new (thus leading to more support from increasing users) and if you would like to stick to the comfort zone of using the older materials, work with psychopy versions 1.85.x and below, where the iohub setup is still compatible. Whilst waiting on a copy of the ‘building experiments in psychopy’ book I ordered, I downgraded back down to 1.85.3 just so I could continue with my work.

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