Music experiment and language issue


I hope you are doing well. I have been serving as a lecturer in the department of psychology at Foundation University Islamabad for the last 10 years. I have published more than a hundred articles. I am conducting an experiment to evaluate the effect of music on semantic memory at the University of York, UK, and the Foundation University of Islambad, Pakistan. I have developed my experiment in English, but I have terrible experience building my experiment in Urdu because it isn’t supported in Urdu in PsychoPy. I am kindly requested to install and add the Urdu feature to PsychoPy. It would be a great effort for the Pakistani people. I am also conducting different seminars to introduce and teach psychology to the Asian community.


Muhammad Aqeel

Hi. Have you seen these threads?

We’re looking for help with translating PsychoPy into other languages.