Looking to Hire a Programmer!

I am an Assistant Professor at Carleton University in Canada.

I’m looking to hire someone part-time to program experiments in PsychoPy for me!

I study language and crossmodal associations. You can find a list of my publications here to see the sort of work I do!

I am looking for someone who lives in Ontario, Canada, and has experience running psycholinguistic experiments.

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested!

Send an email with your CV to david.sidhu@carleton.ca

Thank you!


Hi There,

You can hire the PsychoPy team directly through our consultancy services. If interested please email us at consultancy@opensciencetools.org

We work remotely as most of us are based in the UK - but we regularly provide virtual support and video calls for overseas clients.


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Oh I had no idea! This is great to know! Would you be able to give me a sense of the fees?


Our standard rate is £60 an hour but we quote per project since the amount of time needed for different experiments can vary a lot! If that sounds doable do get in touch and send on info regarding the experiments you’de like to create!

Hope that helps,

Hey David, I too work on psycholinguistics experiments using PsychoPy. Do let me know what kind of experiments would you like to design ? We can chat on email: niketag@iitk.ac.in