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Word learning experiment - hire a coder for experiment which will eventually go on Pavlovia


I’m looking to hire a coder to help me with my PsychoPy Experiment. I am a novice and I’ve been working on this experiment for the past 2 weeks but am getting rather stuck. It eventually needs to go online (Pavlovia) and I am having a lot of trouble circumventing the use of pandas. The experiment is a word learning experiment. It consists of:
-3 blocks of learning in which pairs of words appear on the screen
-There are 60 word pairs in total (knownword -newWord), and pairs are matched together randomly for each participant. Words pairs may not start with the same phoneme
-The 3 blocks have 3 different sound conditions: one block presents the words with a monochromatic tone, one block presents the words with silence, and one block presents the words with a congruent sound (e.g., rain - newWord, with the sound of rain in the background).
-For the 60 knownWords, 30 are “artificial” (e.g., a saw) and 30 are "natural (e.g. cow) and these must be evenly distributed per block.

To summarize:
Learning 60 word pairs, 20 words per block, sometimes with sound/sometimes not, and in each block 10 of the known words are natural, and 10 are artificial. The experiment requires knowing how to load excel/csv files, how to shuffle stimuli and randomize blocks.

If you are experienced with psychopy and this seems like something you can help me with this, please send me an email with your rate at
Thank you!

I sent you a message!