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Microphone Voice Recording

I’m designing a picture-naming experiment for which I need to record the participants’ voice, and I have a problem.
On the one hand, when I run the experiment If I tap my keyboard as soon as I name the picture, my voice will be interrupted and Psychopy microphone will record just half of my voice. On the other hand, If I wait for Psychopy microphone to record my voice completely and then tap the keyboard, my key response rate output will be longer than when I tap the keyboard as soon as I name the picture. Is there any setting in Psychopy Builder or Coder to solve this problem?

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why do want to tap the keyboard in a picture-naming experiment?

Best Jens


Because I want to measure naming latency through the keyboard tap.
Do you any other ideas to help me?

Kind regards,

Dear Mohaddese,

well this forum is about PsychoPy-programing , not experimental design, but using a keyboard tap as a measure of a vocal response does not give the appropriate measure for a picture naming task.

You might want to take a look at publicly available demo on pavoliva, e.g.,, or I did not try out any of the posted examples, so no guarantee.

Or search the forum for word naming. There are a couple of posts regarding voice-recordings.

Best wishes Jens

Dear Janes

Thanks for providing your helpful information.

Truly yours,

Dear Jane

Thanks for your perfect links, but I’m a beginner in psychopy and I can’t write codes in it. Can you help me and provide a link that helped you to write the code of the experiment. When I copy your code I see NameError of vocal rt and I don’t know how I can solve it.

Kind regards,