Microphone responses not working in our experiment

Hello everyone!

We are having some difficulties using the microphone response option in Psychopy. We created a very simple experiment, but it stops working as soon as we include the microphone response option. The loop works fine when we delete the microphone response option, so that is not the problem. However, when we include the microphone option the experiment stops working. Do you know why? We are using the 2022.2.4 version. Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the microphone was upgraded some time ago and none of the examples I can find work anymore. There is also no support that I can find anywhere for the microphone component. If you find anything, please let me know as I have been searching for examples/working code for some time now and my requests here never get any response.

Hi! I have a few in progress tasks using a microphone that are working both in PsychoPy and Pavlovia (e.g., Katie Lavigne / Verbal Fluency · GitLab). I noticed I had to modify the hardware options (to DVD Audio 48kHz) and play with the duration a bit (it would fail if the microphone stopped before the end of the trial). If you specify the error you’re having, we may be able to give more detailed help.


Thank you very much for your responses. This is the error that we are getting: