Added mic response in Builder, but the js and py files in Pavlovia don't have it

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I have a PsychoPy project that I’m trying to run through Pavlovia. It includes a microphone response. But when I add the mic response to the project in the PsychoPy Builder, the project won’t update when I push the files to Pavlovia. I have two questions:

  1. is there any way to force PsychoPy to push all files to Pavlovia irrespective of whether PsychoPy thinks they’re up-to-date?

  2. is there some reason why the mic input component should cause the push to fail? No matter how I add the mic component in the builder, it just doesn’t appear in the js or py files in Pavlovia/Gitlab.

Thank you for all your help so far!

Hi There,

Unfortunately the microphone option is not yet implementable online (see list of component statuses here but we hope to have this available in the future.


Thank you again Becca! Your help has been invaluable. I somehow completely misread the table on the page you link to. I missed the column header that explicitly said ‘not done (but could be).’ Apologies’!

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No need to apologise! Sorry we couldn’t provide a solution this time. But hopefully it could be on the cards.


Thank you again Becca,

If possible though I’d still like to know if there’s any way to force PsychoPy to push all files to Pavlovia even if PsychoPy thinks they haven’t been changed. I’m having consistent issues with this. I make a change in the builder, sync the project with Pavlovia, but the changes aren’t pushed through. It doesn’t matter how many times I sync or how long I wait. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

when the changes arent pushed through is it that they don’t appear when you run the experiment or that they don’t appear on the associated gitlab page (on “view code”) if the former it could be that you can try clearning your image cache Pavlovia experiment changes are delayed in "run" version

Let me know,