Merging Database participant data with participants csv files

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Since I started my current study I have been using the “database” saving format. Accordingly, all of my scripts for analyzing the results read the Database_Allparticipants.csv files. When I started looking into the results of my latest experiment I found that only the participants that did the experiment after the final merge of the pavlovia server are being saved in that file.
The log files of the other participants prior to the merge are also in the database, but it would be ideal if I could simply get all of the results together in the same csv.

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I’m wondering if this might be related to the issue reported here: Data missing after merge. I say that because my experiment page counts 11 participants, although I have about 30 participants in the repository.

@thomas_pronk, @apitiot , sorry to address you so directly, but I need to know soon if after the counters are updated, I can expect the csv file to show all my participants.

Hello @MSabioUB,

I am afraid that merging the individual .csv files into the database would require me to input them one by one at this point, which is not practical.
Would it be possible for you to concatenate your individual .csv files together with the AllParticipants.csv file? Or am I missing your point? Can you confirm that you do have the individual .csv files pre-merge?
Regarding the counters, not all of them are up-to-date just yet but will be so in a few days.
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Thanks for your quick reply @apitiot .

The problem is I used the database saving format from that start, so the only csv file I get is generated when I download the results from the experiment page. All the individual files have been preserved, but they are .log, which I don’t know how to read, or if they are useful to me.

Thank you for clarifying, I do now understand the situation.
It appears that your experiment kept running on database mode on the temporary server, even though I was under the impression I had switched all experiments to .csv (perhaps you switched it back yourself?)
I have just emailed you two complete AllParticipants.csv files: one from prior to the merge, and one with the most recent data. That should cover all participants. But do let me know of course if there is something fishy.
With my apologies for the misunderstanding.


Ah, it appears that the email on your gitlab account is not correct, could you give me a valid one?

Thank you very much @apitiot!

It is possible that I switched it manually when I uploaded the experiment.

You can send those files here:
Thanks again for your help!