Marker does not appear on rating scale online

URL of experiment: Experiment [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I have a few rating scales with no specific time frame, so it ends whenever the participant has given their rating. In the builder it still shows the marker even though it’s only half a second or so, but it doesn’t show any marker in the online version. I used the ‘slider’ option. Is there any way to show this marker in the online experiment as well? Or some code to change the duration to mouseclick + 0.5 seconds?


Hi There,

This answer should help for now!


Hi Becca,

Thanks for your answer! I looked at your answer and the linked topics, but I can’t figure out what I should do in my case. The starting value is not set and also not important. I tried setting it to -1 on my 0-100 slider but that didn’t work out. The marker doesn’t show at all, also not after the mouse click because the experiment immediately continues. I also tried changing ‘slider’ to ‘rating’, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any clues?


Try this

if the experiment immediately continues make sure the slider is not set to end the routine (that is, if you want your participant to have the change to change their rating?) if not I think wakes suggestion is what you want

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