How to create a Continuous Flash Supression paradigm?


I want to create a CFS (Continuous Flash Supression) task on builder but unfortunately couldn’t cope with that. CFS paradigm is basically based on binocular rivalry phenomenon and presents two different images to each eye separately at the same time on stereo view. I tried this method but I couldn’t even run it (maybe that’s because it is the older version). Are there any method to create CFS in builder (or coding)?

Thank you.

I’ve had a play and tried to simplify / update the code. I think that one issue was that empty images were being used to create squares, instead of polygons.

Have a go with this (updated to 2022.2.4), and please tell me what might be needed to make it work as intended. I’m not sure I understood why it might need a manual edit to the Python code.

At the moment, I’m only expecting it to work offline – I could use a different method for an online version. Press any key to advance to the next routine.

continuous-flash.psyexp (35.2 KB)

Try this one which shows the frame in the show_flash routine by drawing the previous frame rather than using a new component

continuous-flash.psyexp (33.5 KB)

Thank you very much for your effort @wakecarter. I will use mirror stereoscope googles to make binocular rivalry effect, therefore stimuli should be presented on stereo view in which right eye exposed to static stimulus (CFS) and supressed item presented on left eye. So it means the CFS should be include rapidly changing colour pixels and also presented on the right side of the screen. The right side of the screen where CFS is continuously and rapidly flashed, is continued alongside the experiment. I will present the items that is expected to suppressed on the left screen trial by trial.

here is an example of CFS.