Mac standalone version doesn't copy/paste

I’m using a mac running osx 10.9.5 and psychopy 1.84.0rc4 and can’t copy and paste, which makes life difficult.

I typically just import the modules into one of my paradigm scripts but easy_install claims the current version is ‘1.82.01’ which doesn’t have the latest moviestim features (I think). I was trying to recreate the PyShell environment in my own ipython by making the python path the same but somehow lost on of the ‘c’ libraries that visual uses. Is there a new release for the easy_install version or can I make my workaround functional?

Ah, yes. The first issue was because I was fixing a new problem with pasting from a web browser generating garbage. That’s now fixed (both the browser thing and the message you saw here). The one thing I can’t get to work right now is select-all. :-/

For easy_install I don’t know the answer. I’ve definitely uploaded versions to PyPI since that but they aren’t there now. I guess I’ll upload them again BUT you can download an egg from the file releases and use pip/easy_install on that. (Not as easy I know)

I think that the github psychopy releases page is mysteriously blocked at work… Checking from home now, I can see all the eggs (installed 1.83.04, with an error which I assume is fixed in a later version), will keep doing that in the future. Thanks for your help!

(At least it selects all the the output, handy for message board complaints :slight_smile: )

Thanks, I’ve pulled it in. Model citizen in the open-source world. Thanks for your contribution!