Problem with mac

Several of my students using Mac to code Psychopy Builder have encountered the same problem. The screen went blank once they run the experiment. The script worked fine once they uploaded to Pavlovia. Any thoughts on why the same script went blank when running on Mac OS?

Hi @ymhuang,

Thanks so much for flagging.

Could you firstly please ask the students to check that they have added and ticked PsychoPy in the Security & Privacy settings, for both Input Monitoring and Accessibility?

If so, could you please ask them to run the following from the terminal, just after this happens:

cat ~/.psychopy3/last_app_load.log

Then could they screenshot or copy and paste the result here?



ok thanks

I’ve added PsychoPy for both Input Monitoring and Accessibility but it’s still not working. The script crashed python but not PsychoPy.

A student of mine figured how to solve this dilemma. Just change the default setting in “input” “keyboard backend” to Pyglet.