Loop Issue: Last Trial of Loop Repeats Before Proceeding Further


I have built an experiment in which participants are trying to identify stimuli (neutral and emotional words) in a timely manner.

The experiment is divided into 4 loops (6 exp blocks - 1 control - 6 exp blocks - 1 control). Below is an example of what the first loop looks like.

All trials present themselves only once within the blocks as they go through the loop (fixation → stimuli → ResponseT1 → Response T2 → break), as expected. After completing the first loop (first set of 6 blocks), the experiment should move on to the next loop.

However, before moving on to the next loop, the final trial of the block goes through the loop again and repeats itself 8x (which equals the number of trials we show per block). This happens in exactly the same manner for the next loop too. Ideally, it should proceed to the next loop without any repetitions of the last trial.

I have tried checking for any blank rows at the bottom of the excel spreadsheets used for creating the conditions but the problem still persists. Any help would be much appreciated!

According to your screenshot BlocksR1A.xlsx has 16 rows. Should it have 8?

Hi Wakecarter,

Thank you for your prompt response.

It has 8 rows x 2 columns which calls out the blocks of the experiment and the corresponding breaks.

If it helps, please find below where the specific block trials are called out:

Try loading the different spreadsheets specifically to check the number of rows. 16 conditions, with 2 parameters means 17 rows (including the header row) and two columns

This is absolutely amazing - You have solved my issue.

I followed your advice and there were indeed some blank rows still present. Re-loading the BlocksR1A after removing these changed the number of conditions and enabled the loop to proceed without repeating the final trial - Thank you very much!

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