Last trial of loop repeats before continuing to next loop

OS Windows 10
PsychoPy version 2021.2.3

I am working on a math stress task where participants:

  1. Are provided instructions for the block
  2. are given a math problem as an image
  3. select a response within a given timeframe
  4. are provided feedback (correct, incorrect, respond more quickly – using code component)
  5. are shown a fake bar graph that shows how they are doing in comparison to other participants

Steps 2-5 are repeated 5 times per block in order to show 5 different math problems (set up in sequential order) .

At the end of the block, they are asked how stressful the set of problems are and are then provided with a brief rest before proceeding to the next loop.

Everything works as it should for the five trials, stress assessment and rest. However, after completing this block, the experiment should move on to the next loop of the experiment. Before moving on to the next loop it goes through the entire loop (instructions, trial, feedback, comparison, stress, rest) for the very last math problem only. I do not know how to fix this issue. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations!




Hi there, perhaps you can share your experiment and condition files so that I can take a look at how they’re set up :slight_smile:

Since your loops are sequential, my best guess is that you have a blank row at the bottom of one of your spreadsheets which means that you are getting an extra iteration but with no change in the variable values.

Thank you both! It must have been that I had a blank row.