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Logfile differences


in my experiments apparently the data that is logged into an excel file differs from what is logged into the csv-file… Now I’m not sure where to get the correct reaction times from and how this is possible…
Any quick help appreciated very much!!

The problem particularily appears in BV_Tastatur. rt and NL_rt

33_Pretest_2019_Nov_30_1717_from_csv.xlsx (14.3 KB) 33_Pretest_2019_Nov_30_1717.csv (6.5 KB) 33_Pretest_2019_Nov_30_1717.xlsx (9.1 KB)

The problem seems to be a conversion error into my excel file. I hope there is nothing else…

The excel output from PsychoPy Builder is a different format of file (not trial-by-trial but “summarised”). I would recommend that you stick to simply using the csv file and open that in excel.