Load only the current image on each trial

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Description of the problem: I am trying to implement the new resource loading options and wanted to have the current trial stimulus load during a static ISI (i.e., option 3). Here is an image of my trial routine:

and the image_stim component with the image set during trial.ISI:

However, when I run the experiment on pavlovia in pilot mode, I can see that all of the images are being loaded before the first trial is shown, rather than the desired behavior of just loading the image selected for the current trial from the conditions file. I have close to 1000 images now and may have up to 5000 down the road, so this loading process takes a very long time. This doesn’t seem like the intended behavior based on the new resource loading documentation. Do I need to add some code to get this to work as desired?

To follow up on this, I created a simpler version that only has 10 possible images, but the problem remains
Link to experiment.

I get through the instructions fine (an image I show in the instructions appears), but when it comes to the trial loop when I load the images during the ISI, the code is stuck continuously loading images. The screenshots attempt to show that the “register and start downloading resources…” line in my code is being repeated over and over. Could this be a bug? In the meantime I’ll switch to loading the images at the beginning and just reduce the total possible images.