Example of static component for online experiment

Is there a working demo for an online experiment that downloads resources on a specific trial, e.g., option 3? I’ve been working on this off-and-on all summer and can’t get the images to display even though they are clearly being loaded. I’ve posted twice on here and once on github for help, but haven’t gotten any responses. Even with a very simple version where I just display the image for 1 second nothing appears. As shown in this screen shot, the images are being downloaded on each trial (each of the green files in the console is a different image downloaded on each trial).

This is just an issue with the online version, the python version works as expected.

Does it work online if you set the image every repeat instead of during ISI?

What version of PsychoPy are you using?

Yes it does work without any preloading, and this is the workaround I used last semester. But I have over 1000 images so I can’t rely on that moving forward.

I’ve been testing with 2022.2.x

I changed the use version to 2022.1 and the simple example worked. I will try with my full experiment and 2022.1 and see if it works with that.

I confirmed with the full version of our study that preloading will work online only with 2022.1.4, but not 2022.2.X.