Image stimuli don't appear when set to load during ISI when running from Pavlovia

URL of experiment:
(It’s set to pilot mode as I don’t have any credits/license at the moment, so I’m not sure if this link will work).

Description of the problem:

I have an emotional-cued Go/No-Go task where images are presented at the same time as letters, and participants hit the spacebar when they see the letter “M” and try to refrain from pressing the spacebar when they see the letter “W”. Behind the letters are images that they are told to ignore. Since the images flash for only half a second on screen, I set them to load during the 1.5s ISI that comes before the onset of the stimuli (as opposed to having them load on “set every repeat”).

This runs fine from Builder on my laptop, but when I try to run it from Pavlovia, the images disappear! However, the letters still show up. When I switch the settings to “set images every repeat”, they show up again when running from Pavlovia, so it seems to only be a problem when the images are set to load during the ISI.

Has anyone experienced this/know how to overcome this?