Load image using code on pavlovia


I have a task that is more or less set up now. There is an innner trial loop and an outer blocks loop, and thisi all works fine. What I want to add now is to load in an image dynimcally at the block (in the routine break_ch (see screenshot below of my setup).

I have added the following code for this
ch_pic = “stim/ch” + str(block_n) + “.jpg”

This works fine locally, showing me a different picture after each block, but online I get an unknown ressource error. Any suggestions would be welcome

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Hello Henning,

are the pictures you want to show sync on Pavolvia and did you add them via the Experiment Settings - Online - Additional resources?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,
there were showing up on pavlovia, but before I did not explicitly include them as additional resources. Adding them there did the trick, thanks a lot for the tip!
Best wishes