Listening span task and symmetrical span task changes in coding script


I am studying my PhD and I need help urgently please. I have been looking for two tests: the listening span task and the symmetrical span task to use them as training for my research. I found both, but the first one I found the script in Inquisit, and the second one I found it all on code for python. The problem is that I need to change some things and I literally have no clue of what or where to do the changes. The changes include: converting the test to adaptative across blocks according to performance, increase the number of blocks and trials, create feedback for each trial and export the results in csv format. I have the files and I can send them to somebody by email to help me. I have been trying to do it myself but I can’t and I need to begin my data collection in September. I found an operation span task in the builder of psychopy also, maybe we can overwrite this one and transform it into a listening task, we can use the audios from tje inquisit task, I have them.

Thank you so much for your help,

Esteban León

Hello Esteban

well, it might be worthwhile to take a look into " Building Experiments in PsychoPy: A Step-by-Step Guide" There is an electronic version that you could buy.

Best wishes Jens