Help coding an experiment with auditory stimuli using Python

Hello, I am a beginner in Psychopy and Python who is trying to repeat an experiment according to Norazadan 2015 (see PDF attached).
Stimuli - Each auditory stimulus lasted 33 s. The stimulus consisted of a 333.33-Hz pure tone in which a beat was introduced by modulating the amplitude of the tone with a 2.4-Hz periodicity (i.e., 144 beats per minute), using an asymmetrical Hanning envelope (12 ms rise time and 404 ms fall time, amplitude modulation between 0.25 and 1).

Basically, MEG will be recorded while subjects perform three tasks: a control auditory task, a right hand tapping task and a left hand tapping task, in 3 separate conditions. Each condition consists of 6 trials during which the 33-s auditory stimulus is presented after a 3-s foreperiod. Stimulus presentation is self-paced.

During the Auditory-only condition, subjects are asked to listen carefully to the 2.4 beat periodic sound in order to detect the occurrence of a very short (4 ms) sound interruption, inserted at a random position in 2 additional trials interspersed within the block. The subjects are instructed to report their detection at the end of each trial. The 2 trials containing a short interruption will be excluded from further analyses.

During the right-handing and left-hand tapping condition, subjects perform a tapping task. They were asked to perform tapping movements with their right/left hand, accurately paced on every second beat of the sequence, that is, at half the beat frequency (f/2 = 1.2 Hz)

Before the right and left hand tapping conditions, a short training session will be inserted to ensure that subjects understand the task. The subjects will be asked to start their tapping as soon as they heard the first auditory beat of the stimulus.

I followed through the entire Psychopy tutorial series on the stroop experiment, and have some basic grasp on using the builder mode to create trials, loops, etc. I also have some basic understanding with Python as well. However, some help on creating basic pure-tone stimuli with code would be helpful because I would love to learn how to code my experiments.

I have Windows 11 OS, 64-bit, Psychopy version : 2022.1.1, Python 3.9. Thank you so much in advance!!

Are you looking for someone to help build this for you?

Is there a reason why you would like it coded in Python, as opposed to using Builder?